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    ‘No culture at all’: Angry mums slam Australia

    ‘No culture at all’: Angry mums slam Australia

    Mums slam ‘secretly underwhelming’ tourist attractions

    Virgin’s Japan flight changes everything

    Virgin’s Japan flight changes everything

    Virgin celebrates first ever flights to Japan with giant sushi train

    Bali responds to ‘unruly’ Jetstar family

    Bali responds to ‘unruly’ Jetstar family

    Denpasar Airport reveals why family was kicked off Jetstar flight

    Controversial middle seat plane rule

    Controversial middle seat plane rule

    Unofficial rules for the plane’s middle seat

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        PART 1: Learn the basics of surfing with Robbie and Carlene Sherwell, of XL Surfing Academy in this series aimed at getting you in the water.

        Surfing: Where to start when you don't know how

        Learn to surf online with Robbie and Carlene Sherwell

        AS THE Coast swelters through a second summer heatwave all most people want to do is cool off. Here are some fantastic options.

        VIDEO: Coast's best, secret freshwater swimming holes

        All most people want to do during the heatwave is cool off

        CONSIDERING the vast amount of stunning bushland that covers much of Australia, it is no wonder bushwalking has cemented itself as a popular pastime.

        Five of the best to places to bushwalk

        Popular pass time offers something for everyone

        PHOTOGRAPHER Warren Lynam offers some advice to people wanting to take an incredible lightning shot.

        Five things you need to know before taking a lightning photo

        Key tips from photographer Warren Lynam


          A search for a missing tourist has ended with a grim discovery, after a shark was hauled from the water with a personal item in its stomach.

          Disturbing find inside shark’s stomach

          Tourist's hand with wedding ring found inside shark’s stomach

          At the launch of Tourism Australia’s new global campaign, one of its stars had the room in stitches with a hilarious hitchhiker story.

          Hemsworth’s prank on clueless tourist

          'He turned to my mate and said, ‘Is that Thor?’: New global campaign

          A photo of a bikini-clad woman inside a Bali convenience store has divided tourists, with some even branding the photo “creepy”.

          Tourist’s ‘shameful’ servo bikini act blasted

          Bali tourist blasted over ‘shameful’ bikini act

          It has been filled with controversy and debate but the Uluru climb is now officially closed. This is the inside story of what happened after.

          Inside final moments before Uluru closure

          Uluru: Final moments before climb’s closure