BATON BEARERS: Lawrie Usher and George Donohue are two of the 28 Queen's Baton Relay Bearers for the Murweh Shire.
BATON BEARERS: Lawrie Usher and George Donohue are two of the 28 Queen's Baton Relay Bearers for the Murweh Shire. Contributed

Baton bearers bringing games spirit to region

THE QUEEN'S Baton Relay is making its way to the Murweh Shire Thursday and Friday with 28 community members from Morven, Charleville and Augathella taking part in the relay.

The baton will make it's first stop in Morven with Morven State School hosting a mini Commonwealth Games day in the morning and finishing with a barbecue ready for the arrival of the baton at 1.30pm.

There are four people from Morven who have the honour of carrying the baton, including William Roberts, Kylee Smith, Louise Winten and Matty Ahern.

Matty Ahern is a 10-year-old originally from Charleville and is currently living and going to school in Morven.

Matty was nominated for his outstanding sporting and academic achievements, including representing the southwest in a number of sports.

Will Roberts is also representing Morven and is from Victoria Downs, a fifth generation merino stud sheep and cattle grazing enterprise in Morven.

Will is the president of the Morven Fence Group, which is aimed at constructing exclusion fences for Morven and an avid member of the Morven cricket, tennis and racing clubs.

The Queen's Baton Relay will then make its way to Charleville with the relay beginning at 4.45pm at the Police Station following the route to the Charleville Racecourse Complex.

Community members are encouraged to come along and enjoy the entertainment from Games Boy '18 from 5pm, the arrival of the baton and a sausage sizzle to celebrate.

A total of 18 community members from Charleville will be taking part in the relay to represent the town.

These include George Donohue, Maree Edwards, Brian Eagan, Logan Flynn, Warren Lawton, Lisa McKenna, Anastasia O'Neil, Amelia O'Toole, Samantha Owaczarek, Katrina Pukallus Smith, Kerry Radnedge, Siddhant Sachdeva, Sophie Saffy, Margaret Vetter, Michaela Walker, Kaye Walton, Rhianna Webb and Carmel Williams.

Among the selected baton bearers is Carmel Williams and Maree Edwards who are both continually involved in events and volunteering within the community.

Every day Carmel inspires others and she has made a significant contribution to the arts, culture and charity organisations within the community.

Maree Edwards is Charleville proud and very grateful to be selected as a baton bearer for the Charleville Area.

Maree is a sports ambassador of over 40 years including being a pony club and riding instructor as well as a champion rider in hack, galloway and harness.

Maree continues her sporting aspirations by competing in local triathlons and sporting events and continues to participate in local fundraising activities.

"I am very honoured and proud to be selected as a baton bearer for the area, this is the highlight of my sporting career,” Maree said.

George Donohue was also nominated to be baton bearers after he received a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to the community of Charleville in 2003 and a certificate for recognition and appreciation of his volunteer service to the Murweh Shire in 2011.

A lot of young faces in the community will also be taking part in the Queen's Baton Relay with 16-year-old Anastasia O'Neil being one of them.

Anastasia expressed how privileged it made her feel by being given the opportunity to take part.

"Its an experience that I believe will help me inspire younger people to want to participate and make an effort within their sports and community,” she said.

"It might only be a short distance that I have to run, but that short distance is contributing to something big overall and I hope that I can be a role model for the younger generations to show them that getting involved and making a little impact can help overall achieve something big.”

Friday morning the Queen's Baton will proceed onto Augathella with a speech from Murweh Shire Mayor Annie Liston from 8.30am at the Augathella State School and the departure of the baton for the relay.

Seven people will be taking part in the Augathella leg of the relay including three locals, Ryan Henry, Ruby Newell and Rohan Pampling and four people from Charleville, including Kyle O'Toole, Shaun Radnedge, Kipp Singleton and Lawrie Usher.

"It's going to be an exciting couple of days for the community and I am very proud to be taking part in this event,” Lawrie Usher said.

All of the Murweh Shire baton bearers were nominated by their respective towns to take part in the 100-day journey across the nation before arriving at the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games next month.