A quarantine motel has been established in Charleville.
A quarantine motel has been established in Charleville.

BREAKING: People in mandatory quarantine at Charleville hotel

A QUARANTINE motel has been established in Charleville to accommodate travellers who have come from COVID-19 Hotspots.

Officer in Charge at Charleville police station Mick Symes confirmed a motel has been set up outside the CBD for travellers who have crossed into Queensland at the border crossings at Hebel, Munginidi and Barringun.

Police couldn’t state how many were in the motel, however said a number of people arrived at the motel before the state’s borders closed at 1am on Saturday, August 8.

“Quarantine is for precautionary purposes only and does not constitute that they have coronavirus,” he said.

“This quarantine is mandatory and at the persons own expense for a guaranteed period of 14 days as per Queensland Health requirements.

“The Queensland Police Service are monitoring the quarantine motel on a 24-hour basis and ensuring there is no reduction in service delivery to the local community.”

Mr Symes said a comprehensive health assessment is being undertaken by Queensland Health when persons arrive with ongoing support during their quarantine period.

“There is no risk to the community and no community members, other than emergency services and health, will have contact with people in quarantine,” he said.