A woman faced Charleville Magistrates Court for drink-driving.
A woman faced Charleville Magistrates Court for drink-driving.

Charleville Magistrate hands down hefty fine for drink-driver

MARY Josephine Grimes was slapped with a $650 fine and will be off the roads for five months after Morven police busted her behind the wheel while she was drunk.

The woman faced Charleville Magistrates Court on Monday, October 19, where the court was told officers intercepted Grimes at 2.45pm on July 10 in Morven.

The defendant was driving the vehicle with a male in the passenger seat.

She was pulled over for a random roadside breath test, and was taken to Morven Health Clinic as a result.

The defendant returned a reading of 0.128 per cent and was issued a notice to appear in court.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff told Magistrate Peter Saggers the defendant had no history of a like nature.

She pleaded guilty to driving a motor vehicle while over the middle alcohol limit but not over the high limit.

“I’m guilty, I didn’t realise I was over, but I was drinking until early in the morning,” she said.

Mr Saggers fined Grimes $650 and disqualified her from driving for five months.

The conviction was not recorded.