FUNNY GUY: Craig Quartermaine will hit the stage in Quilpie, Charleville, Cunnamulla and Blackall from Saturday on the Outback Comedy Gala tour.
FUNNY GUY: Craig Quartermaine will hit the stage in Quilpie, Charleville, Cunnamulla and Blackall from Saturday on the Outback Comedy Gala tour. Contributed

Comedians are returning to the wild west

FOLLOWING a raucous run of shows in the bush during 2018, the Outback Comedy Gala will once again hit the dusty roads of Queensland.

Boy from the bush Craig Quartermaine, who is one of four comics on the tour, will bring a slice of his "once in a lifetime” show to stages across the west.

Hailing from rural Western Australia, the outback won't be too daunting for Quartermaine, who told the Western Times he hoped locals would enjoy his particular brand of humour, which stemmed from a career as a journalist.

"I spent years interviewing people and listening to really disingenuous answers, while the whole time I was thinking 'this guy's an idiot',” he said.

"As a journalist I couldn't say that... but to go through that process constantly was frustrating, as was not being allowed to say what I wanted to say.

"(American comedian) Larry David once said 'if you think it and don't say it, it's probably hilarious' and, after hearing that, I started taking notes during interviews.

"I kind of got the edge from that and the first time I tried stand-up it went really well; it sort of just carried on from there,” he said.

Quartermaine isn't the only comedian to fall into the profession and join the outback tour, however.

Through comedy, stand-up star Fiona McGary accidentally found a love of teaching - a skill she will take on the road as part of the Outback Comedy Gala next week.

She will run a series of comedy workshops for kids aged 12-17 over the coming weeks, coinciding with the school holiday period.

Used to running the classes for a slightly older crowd, Ms McGary told the Western Times the younger age group will be refreshing change of pace.

"Well, I usually work with more older people than younger people, to be honest,” she said.

"We are doing this run with the kids, but generally the stand-up comedy course I have run in the past is for adults.

"That being said, it really doesn't matter if someone is an adult or a child, the results are still the same, and it is always fun.

"They get to play, they learn a new skill, and they are encouraged to have their creativity.”

McGary will be presenting the workshops alongside fellow comedian Lindsay Webb.

The Teenage Comedy Workshops are being held in conjunction with local councils, starting in less than two weeks.


Saturday, March 30 - Outback Comedy Gala, Quilpie

Sunday, March 31 - Outback Comedy Gala, Charleville

Tuesday, April 2 - Outback Comedy Gala, Cunnamulla

Thursday, April 4 - Outback Comedy Gala, Blackall

Monday, April 8 - Teenage Workshop, Blackall

Tuesday, April 9 - Teenage Workshop, Charleville

Wednesday, April 10 - Teenage Workshop, Cunnamulla

Friday, April 12 - Teenage Comedy Workshop, Cunnamulla

Saturday, April 13 - Teenage Comedy Workshop, Charleville

Sunday, April 14 - Teenage Comedy Workshop, Blackall