STAR GAZING: New Cosmos Centre Coordinator Mike Dalley.
STAR GAZING: New Cosmos Centre Coordinator Mike Dalley. Molly Hancock

Cosmos gains new astronomer

THE Charleville Cosmos Centre and Observatory has added another star to its centre, with the addition of a new co-ordinator.

Astronomer Mike Dalley recently moved to Charleville to take on the role, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the position.

Mr Dalley became involved with the night sky at a young age thanks to his mother, who was an avid star lover.

"Originally I got into this because my mum loves stars more than I do, so I guess it got instilled into me at a young age,” Mr Dalley said.

"However before I got into astronomy I was an outdoor instructor and was taking clients out hiking and at night I would teach them what my mum had taught me about the constellations, so that is where my passion grew for astronomy.”

After going back to university and completing postgraduate studies in science and astronomy, Mr Dalley became involved in astronomy outreach, living at Uluru, Thailand and the Maldives, before making the move to Charleville.

Mr Dalley said he has plans to enhance the Cosmos Centre with newtours, equipments andexperiences.

"I want to enhance what we already do at Charleville Cosmos Centre and with Charleville being a leading astronomy outreach location in Australia, I want this to be the best in the world,” he said.

"We are going from a domestic platform to an international level.”

With astrophotography high on Mr Dalley's list to introduce, he wants to empower guests to use their own camera to take amazing photos of the night sky.

"The outback sky is a 10/10 and has the ability to drop the mouths on everyone who sees it,” he said.