Darling Downs police seeking information in train derailment

25th July 2017 5:13 PM
DETACHED: The Aurizon train went off track between Oakey and Jondaryan. DETACHED: The Aurizon train went off track between Oakey and Jondaryan. Win News Toowoomba

DARLING Downs police have sent out a request to the public, asking for information in relation to the derailment of an Aurizon train last Friday.

In a post to their blog this afternoon, Crime Prevention Officer Tony Rehn, says police are wanting to speak to the driver of a vehicle which crossed the train line between 3-4pm Friday afternoon.

"Darling Downs Police need help to identify witnesses to an incident which may have resulted in a train derailment near Jondaryan," the blog post states.

"Sometime between 3-4pm on Friday July 21, an unknown vehicle has crossed the railway line from the Warrego Highway into McKenzie Road, which is between Oakey and Jondaryan.

"As the vehicle has crossed the rail way line it appears to have caused damage which has resulted in an Aurizon train carrying 41 coal wagons travelling east to derail at about 4pm.

"It is likely that the vehicle is a heavy vehicle possible towing a low loader, float or step deck trailer, with or without a load on top and the driver may be unaware of what has happened.

"Police are seeking any person who may have been travelling East or West on the Warrego and seen a vehicle stopped on the crossing. Person with dash cams are requested to view footage if in or around that location during those times."