Zac Fitzgerald, Sarah Taylor and Brent Dwyer.
Zac Fitzgerald, Sarah Taylor and Brent Dwyer. Jorja McDonnell

Generous Charleville raises $28K at 000 Ball

BY FROCKING up and having a good time, the people of Charleville helped save lives.

The first 000 Ball, held on Saturday evening, not only attracted people for a glamorous party, but raised about $28,000 for the town's Local Ambulance Committee, and every cent will go back to the community.

"The money we have raised will go straight back in to our Local Ambulance Committee, who will be buying defibrillators for around town, and running life-saving first aid training,” organiser and critical care paramedic Geoff Little said.

"We know for a fact having access to a defibrillator can save someone's life if they go in to cardiac arrest, and the training our LAC is rolling out will make a huge difference to so many people.

"I want to thank the attendees; our sponsors, many of which were local businesses; Courtney Bylett, who was instrumental in organising this ball; and our hard-working committee who put the whole night together.”