The 'ghost soldier' made its first appearance at the Charleville Remembrance Day service 11/11/2019.
The 'ghost soldier' made its first appearance at the Charleville Remembrance Day service 11/11/2019.

Ghost Soldier given a home in Charleville

WRAPPED up in bubble up, tied to the back of a vehicle and travelling a distance of 800km, Charleville’s new war memorial statue has been delivered safety, handed over to R.S.L on Saturday and has made it’s first ever appearance at the town’s Remembrance Day service on Monday.

After Charleville Neighbourhood centre community support worker, Angela Young applied for the Saluting Their Service Community Commemorative Grant early this year, she was successful and was able to get the statue.

It’s named the ‘Ghost Soldier’ because it is made from chicken wire and was constructed by New South Wales wire sculpture artist Brian Campbell.

“I have not come across any ‘ghost sculptures’ in Australia before,” Ms Young said.

“Brian was going to put it to our sub-branch to call our statue something like spirit of the ANZAC rather than ghost soldier because he has modelled him on a World War I digger.”

With the war being something that resinates with the people of Charleville, this new statue is really going to be of great value. For a small town they have a lot of returned service people and multiple people who are currently serving so it’s something that is close to a lot of people’s hearts.

“Because the statue is quite fragile, he will be stored indoors and just taken out on special occasions such as Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day services,” Ms Young said.

“We are hoping it will add to the gravity and significance of these special occasions.”

The statue will also be on display at serviceman funerals.

“When I was speaking to Brian Campbell and I told him that his statue will be brought out at these funerals it brought a tear to his eye,” Ms Young said.

“He said to me, if that’s all he does then I’m really happy for that and it would have serviced his purpose.”