Maryborough Hospital.Photo: Alistair Brightman/ File
Maryborough Hospital.Photo: Alistair Brightman/ File

‘GROW UP’: Judge’s stern words to man who spat on nurses

A man who spat on nurses at Maryborough Hospital has been sentenced in Maryborough District Court.

38-year-old Clinton Thomas Wells pleaded guilty to three counts of serious assault over the incident which happened on January 29, last year.

Crown Prosecutor Amy Stannard said Mr Wells had both Queensland and New South Wales criminal history, largely drug offending.

"It might explain the offending in itself in the way he was at the hospital becoming aggressive as he has problems with drug use.

"The complainants are all nurses at Maryborough Hospital. On the evening of 29 January 2020, the defendant was transported to the hospital via ambulance, and became aggressive.

"In the context of them restraining him and giving him some water, he spat that out at them, landing on the three of them, that's why there are three separate charges."

Defence Lawyer Clare Hurley said Mr Wells understood the consequences of his actions on the day.

"The day of the offences I'm told he had a verbal argument with his partner, he then used methamphetamine … he had a bad reaction to it … he has had issues staying clean.

"In the past couple of years he has done some farm work. He's currently looking for work and has worked as a Bobcat operator on and off for the past eight years."

Judge David Reid with not happy with Mr Wells' offending and gave him a stern reprimand for his conduct.

"Methamphetamine makes you stupid, aggressive, belligerent, rude to other people … it's a shocking drug.

"It's high time you grew up and stopped acting like an adolescent schoolboy.

"People working hard, engaging in their occupation to support their family don't deserve people like you getting out of control deciding to spit on someone.

"There's only two ways forward for you from now one, that's to get a job and stick to it … the second thing is to get off drugs."

Mr Wells was sentenced to nine months in prison with immediate parole for one of the charges, and was sentenced to a two year probation order for the other two charges.