THE cab of a truck can feel crowded at the best of times, so imagine sharing that space with a 60kg hair, slobbery yet friendly beast.

Well, truck driver Greg Tannahill wouldn't have it any other way.

Each day on the road shifting general freight, Greg is joined by his best mate Angus

Angus lines up at the food truck for a bit of tucker
Angus lines up at the food truck for a bit of tucker Kirstin Payne

Angus is an extremely heavy Mastiff cross, who isn't even a year old.

"He was born December 17, I took him out to French Island with cattle and sheep," Greg said.

"He brought an odd chook or two to me as well.

"But that was already chewed up by the other dogs so I knew he was well behaved.

Angus the Mastiff
Angus the Mastiff. Kirstin Payne

"He was called Angus because that's the cattle he spent most of his time with.

"I had to give him my bed."

Greg sleeps on the bunk above, while Angus gets the main suite.

"I don't mind though, he is better than people to travel with," he said.

Docile Angus likes to spend his time relaxing in the foot-well near the air-conditioning or on his bed.

"He comes and taps me on the shoulder and head-butts me when he wants to stop."

Angus the Mastiff
Angus the Mastiff Kirstin Payne

The co-pilot even has a custom made ramp to help him into the cab.

They love walks at every stop, exploring each new area as they go. 

"He is always out and about, he keeps me healthy," Greg said. 

Angus the trucking dog gets into the cab: TO THE NEXT STOP: Angus the trucking dog uses his ramp to tackle the steep climb back into the cab.

As would be expected, Angus does turn heads, attracting crowds whenever they stop for a break or another load.

"Yeah had a few ladies in Sydney last week, he has got a huge fan club," Greg said.

"I've only met two guys that didn't like him. But I think there was something wrong with them.

"He makes grown men melt really, you watch big blokes go soppy."

Angus likes to curl up in the footwell near the air conditioning.
Angus likes to curl up in the foot-well near the air-conditioning. Kirstin Payne

The pair are appreciative their current boss is happy with the unorthodox two-up arrangement.

"When I first told the boss I said I have a pup, he is only eight months old, but he is from a farm so he loves him," Greg joked.

"Everyone needs a mate on the road."