Grassroots LNP members are calling for the Queensland party to adopt Donald Trump-style policies.
Grassroots LNP members are calling for the Queensland party to adopt Donald Trump-style policies. Alex Brandon / AP

LNP grassroots call for Trump-style policies

LNP party faithful have called for a Donald Trump-style Muslim immigration ban and withdrawal from an international climate change treaty.

Delegates and MPs from LNP branches across Queensland will debate and vote on 77 submissions at the LNP State Convention starting today.

They range from moving the Department of Mines headquarters to central Queensland to demanding the Federal Coalition withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull affirmed his government's commitment to the treaty at the G20 in Germany this week.

Queensland political analyst Paul Williams said although it was likely neither the proposal to ban immigration from Muslim nations nor the proposal to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords would be approved, they showed some discontent in parts of the LNP.

"In the case these proposals were approved in the convention, you'd see the Brisbane-based Liberals like Tim Nicholls out there saying 'We're not going to support this, we're not Donald Trump'," he said.

Party members from branches across the state make the submissions - but they are not binding on the party if approved.

"It's the MPs seats who are on the line. But it would be a very foolish parliamentary wing that ignored the organisational wing all the time," Professor Williams said.

A Young LNP submission demands the Department of Natural Resources and Mines headquarters relocate from Brisbane to central Queensland.

Numerous resolutions call for a shift to the political right with votes on stronger anti-abortion laws, stronger immigration laws, capping welfare payments and defunding the ABC.

Support for coal and climate change-denial will be an ongoing theme with seven separate submissions calling for the party to praise the coal industry, support the Carmichael and New Acland coal mines and hold a royal commission into the legitimacy of climate change.

A resolution from the Groom Federal Divisional Council demands the Federal Government "suspend immigration from Islamic nations that recognise sharia law until such time as those countries recognise human rights compatible with Australian culture".

The resolution calling to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord is also from the Groom division, around Toowoomba.

The resolutions echo controversial American President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and attempt to curb immigration from certain Muslim countries.

Other submissions call on the party to support specific local projects including floodproofing Bundaberg, supporting the Rookwood Weir, building a high school in Bargara and upgrading the Sunshine Mwy.

The Labor Party will hold its conference later this month in Townsville.

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