Maranoa Basketball returns to the court.
Maranoa Basketball returns to the court.

Maranoa Basketball ‘hungry’ to get back on the court

MARANOA Basketball hit the ground running when community sport was officially allowed to return in Stage Two.

MBA has been back with non-contact training during Stage Two and has also been running school basketball clinics as part of the Maranoa School Holiday Program.

Despite the challenges during COVID-19, there has been some surprising positives that have come out of the lockdown.

Mat Gane, President of MBA said, “the kids, and parents were hungry to get back on the court and return to play as soon as possible.”

“We’ve been having online meetings during the lockdown to plan our way back to the sport and as soon as Stage Two was announced we hit the ground running.

“Even during the lockdown, we had online programs and competitions for the kids to do with some players opting to train and get their skills up.

“It’s been a lot of run seeing kids have a go during the lockdown.”

MBA have been running school holiday clinics for the past two weeks and over 50 kids attended.

“Considering we had to limit the numbers to 20 in the first session, we’re really pleased with the overall turnout and were able to have more players attend when Stage Three was announced,” Mr Gane said.

MBA has been training and running sessions outdoors for several weeks now and the response from parents and players has been very positive.

“For most of us old school ballers, we always played on outdoor courts,” he said.

“The kids are really enjoying the weather and feeling of playing on an outdoor court.

“I think it has had a positive impact on everyone’s health and wellbeing.”

The junior basketball season returns Friday, July 17 from 3.30pm with a focus on school basketball and teams heading off to representative carnivals.

“We’ve all had to make adjustments but I think the most positive thing out of it all was that we missed playing sport, and we just appreciate getting back out and shooting hoops and having fun with our mates,” Mr Gane said.