A crocodile basking on the bank of the Pioneer River. generic.
A crocodile basking on the bank of the Pioneer River. generic.

BEST OF SERIES: Three-metre croc facing removal

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This story was originally published on April 9, 2020. 

A CROCODILE estimated to be three metres long spotted at Barney Point Beach could be targeted for removal under crocodile management guidelines.

A Department of Environment and science spokesman said a member of the public submitted a sighting report to DES of the animal swimming away from Barney Point Beach on April 4.

Under the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan, Barney Point is in Zone E, which means crocodiles displaying dangerous behaviour are targeted for removal.

"Wildlife officers carried out a site assessment on 4 April and did not observe the crocodile," the spokesman said.

"Warning signs have been installed. Wildlife officers will continue to monitor for further reports."

This is the fourth crocodile sighting in Gladstone this year and the second at Barney Point.

Most recently a crocodile was spotted at the Gladstone Marina on February 21. The Spinnaker Park Beach was closed as a result.

Crocodiles that pose a threat to human safety are targeted for removal under the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan.

Members of the public are encouraged to report crocodile sightings as soon as possible by calling 1300 130 372. DES investigates all reports it receives.