Mother of three faced Roma Magistrates Court for obstructing a police officer.
Mother of three faced Roma Magistrates Court for obstructing a police officer.

Police present taser towards mum-of-three

IT WAS a close call for a mother of three when police warned her they will use their taser if she doesn't stop carrying on.

Amy Louise Cirrani, 38, pleaded guilty in the Roma Magistrates Court on July 8 to one count of obstructing a police officer.

Police prosecutor seargent Heather Whiting told the court that in the early hours of March 31, police attended to defendant's home with her juvenile son who was in custody for another matter.

When police arrived, they noticed the defendant was intoxicated.

The court heard the juvenile attempted to flee from police but was quickly restrained.

While police were handcuffing the juvenile, Cirrani was yelling at police to "get off him".

Due to the defendant yelling and walking towards police, an officer presented their taser and told Cirrani to "get back".

The defendant's lawyer, L Reid said Cirrani was concerned police would break her son's arm as they were "chickenwinging him".

Magistrate Saggers told the defendant that being under the influence of alcohol did not help the situation.

"You can't drink yourself into a state where you can't look after your kids," he said.

"Firstly, because you can't look after them, two - it sets a poor example for them and three, it's hard for you to be a parent and tell your kids not to drink while you are.

"They then see mum confronting police and they think 'oh well mum does it.'"

Magistrate Saggers fined Ciranni $600 and the conviction was recorded.

"Alright Ms Ciranni, it's up to you now," the magistrate said.