Transport Workers Union members protest at ALDI in Tingapla.
Transport Workers Union members protest at ALDI in Tingapla.

Protests call for ALDI to address safety issues

THE TWU has come together around the country have called on ALDI Australia today to "come to the table" and talk about how to improve safety in their supply chain.

Their demands included prioritising safety, stopping legal action against drivers speaking out and supporting a safety renumeration tribunal 

TWU Queensland branch secretary Peter Biagini said during the protest in Brisbane at Tingalpa they'd "had the issue with Woolworths and Coles and they've come to the table now realising they do have a responsibility".

ALDI protest TWU: Transport Workers Union members protest at ALDI in Tingalpa

He said the TWU wanted to "work through the issues from the farm gate to the table" with ALDI Australia and for the supermarket giant to support some sort of safety remuneration tribunal.

"At the end of the day we want to make sure they don't squeeze transport companies so low that it affects the community and our drivers," he said.

"Yes Aldi products might be a little bit cheaper on our shelves but at what cost? The cost of hospitalisation, traffic accidents, deaths on the roads far outweigh the savings people are getting."

Big Rigs asked to speak to an ALDI driver, however only drivers from other companies were present. 

Aldi protest: Transport Workers Union members protest at ALDI in Tingalpa.

An ALDI Australia spokesperson said they respected the right of the TWU to protest, however despite their request for specific information about alleged issues within their supply chain, the TWU had not provided any evidence to support their claims.

"Due to the seriousness of the allegations, we have reviewed our practices and audited our records to look for violations of our strict safety measures."

The spokesperson said ALDI shared the TWU's goal of a safe transport industry in order to prevent truck driver deaths and had written to their supplier base to "remind them of our expectation and policies in relation to safety throughout our supply chain" as well as conduct anonymous surveys to help uncover any potential concerns.