WASH OUT: Rain disrupted finals games throughout the region.
WASH OUT: Rain disrupted finals games throughout the region. Ali Kuchel

Rain wreaks havoc on finals in Murhweh

CRICKET: Charleville District Cricket Association action is reaching fever pitch, even with wet weather cancelling several games across the region.

In the top of the table clash, the all-conquering Railways came up against a red-hot Quilpie side brimming with talent.

Having won the toss and elected to bat, Quilpie made some solid runs with the bat and raced to a very defendable total of 160 runs with a loss of only six wickets.

After 40 overs were played, the Railways would have their turn with the bat and would set about running down the total.

The Railways started strongly, having scored 10 runs after six overs.

Unfortunately for all players, the heavens opened up, and rain cancelled the rest of the day's play.

This would come as bad news for Quilpie as they had built a strong foundation from which they would have looked to defend and with the Railways finishing on top of the ladder, it was the visiting team who would lose by default.

In the other play-off match, Tambo were due to face the Redcaps, with the winner progressing to the loser of the Railways vs Quilpie game.

The match didn't even realise a single ball with rain cancelling the match.

In unfortunate circumstances, the Redcaps would be knocked out of the finals by default, with Tambo progressing to face Quilpie.

This fixture to be played next week will decide who will play the Railways in the grand final.

The match will be played in Quilpie while the grand final will remain in Charleville.