The Rock and The River art exhibition by Roslyn Hartwig.
The Rock and The River art exhibition by Roslyn Hartwig.

Renowned artist showcasing her work in Roma

TOOWOOMBA based artist Roslyn Hartwig will be showcasing her ‘The Rock and The River’ exhibition in Roma from Sunday, July 19 for just one month.

Ms Hartwig has been an artist for over 20 years and has had artwork selected in the Fabriano International Watercolour exhibition in Italy two years ago.

Locally, she has showcased her work at Roma’s Easter in the Country and has held several watercolour and pastel workshops across the region.

For this exhibition, running from July 19 to September 18, she hopes people can forget about life’s daily stresses and find peace.

“Imagine for a moment that you are in a rainforest wandering over the rocks beside a stream – feel the coolness and freshness in the air and listen to the sounds of nature around you,” Ms Hartwig said.

“These are sensations inspired by my watercolour paintings.

“We live with endless choices of things to do, see or hear and sometimes, it’s necessary to get away from the routines of work to recoup our energies with a back-to-nature experience.

“I would like to bring my viewers on a journey with me to a place of peace, rest and refreshment.

“The imagery of my paintings is such that the stress of daily life can be left behind for a time.

“Movement and flow of water and the textures in rocks fascinate me and I enjoy depicting them in all their forms – from a trickle over a rocky flat to waterfalls and distant mountains.”

All our welcome to the official opening of ‘The Rock and The River’ and to celebrate the reopening of the Bungil Gallery post COVID-19.

Opening – 11.30am Sunday July 19. Running until September 18.

Admission is free. All artwork available to purchase.

Bungil Gallery, Hawthorne St.