Do not drive under the influence of alcohol
Do not drive under the influence of alcohol

Roma local drives drunk on wrong side of road, smashes car

A ROMA magistrate warned a local man that he was lucky he didn’t kill someone after he drove drunk into oncoming traffic, attempted to evade police and crashed into a number of bollards.

Steven Grahame Seeley, 29, will be off the roads for nine months and was handed a $1750 fine after he pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and drove without due care and attention.

Police prosecutor sergeant David Longhurst told the Roma Magistrates Court at 12.55am on Saturday, November 14, Roma police observed a car on Tiffin St.

“The vehicle was drifting towards the incoming lane then went back onto the correct lane because there was a stop sign,” sergeant Longhurst said.

“Police performed a U-turn and the vehicle accelerated away.

“Police attempted to intercept and observed the vehicle drive onto Bowen St with speed, despite the give way sign.”

The court heard, police located the vehicle crashed through a number of bollards with significant damage.

“Police observed the defendant exit the vehicle and he told police he consumed a fair bit of alcohol.”

Seeley returned a breath analysis reading of 0.173.

Sergeant Longhurst said the defendant is very lucky he didn’t injure or worst, kill someone.

“That’s the saving grace for Mr Seeley, while he damaged property, as a police officer, I’ve seen these incidents easily lead to fatalities,” he said.

The prosecutor submitted that the defendant either be handed a significant fine or significant disqualification period.

When Magistrate Peter Saggers asked the defendant what he had to say about his actions, he said “I knew I shouldn’t have done it and I won’t do it again”.

“You put so many people at risk, you’ve drive through bollards and I expect you’ve damaged your car,” Magistrate Saggers said.

“You could have injured yourself, or someone else or killed someone.

“It was late at night and to some extent you were trying to keep away from police.

“I’ve taken into account your early plea of guilty and dealt with the matter very quickly as it only happened less than a fortnight ago and that you’ve never been before the court for this type of offending.”

Seeley was handed a $1750 fine for both offences, disqualified from driving for nine months and the conviction was recorded.

“Learn from this Mr Seeley, not again,” Magistrate Saggers said.

“I won’t,” Seeley replied.