NEWLY ELECTED: Shaun ‘Zoro’ Radnedge has been elected as the new Mayor of the Murweh Shire.
NEWLY ELECTED: Shaun ‘Zoro’ Radnedge has been elected as the new Mayor of the Murweh Shire.

Zoro humbled by shire’s faith in him to lead for next term

THE humbled and excited newly elected mayor of the Murweh Shire is ready to get to work and has vowed to create a viable and sustainable region for residents.

Shaun ‘Zoro’ Radnedge has been declared Murweh Shire mayor after he led outgoing mayor Annie Liston with 73.54 per cent of the votes.

With 83.3 per cent of the votes counted in the unofficial preliminary count, Cr Radnedge’s lead cannot be overtaken. He said he has been truly humbled by the shire’s faith in him to lead for the next four years.

“It spurs me on because I know I have a big job to do and a lot of people are counting on me,” he said.

“It’s something I didn’t expect to do when I joined local government four years ago.

“You look at the wall of the mayors that have been there before us and the great work they have done, so it’s very exciting and daunting at the same time.” Cr Radnedge said his business background as a butcher helped him resonate with the residents and his passion and fight to make Murweh Shire a better place.

“I’m going to strive to do the best I can and stay focused and work with the residents to get through this difficult period,” he said.

“At the moment, we’re working through different issues as they come up because of Covid-19. “Transport issues are on the forefront so I’ve been talking to Transport and Main Roads and coming up with a solution to work with Qantas to get those travel services back.

“With the team the residents have put together I am confident we can come up with the strategies to keep our shire viable and sustainable.”

Declared councillors:

• Paul Taylor (Potter) 10.92 per cent

• Peter Alexander (Red) 17.29 per cent

• Robert Eckel 18.09 per cent

• Michael McKellar 12.69 per cent